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Listen to the Music
  The Yellow House presents musical performances in an intimate setting, perfect for listening.

This page: The West Plains regional community is home to a talented group of musicians and songwriters. Listen to some of our local artists and songwriters.
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 Brad Smith

Brad writes and performs eclectic rock. He also includes original compositions by local musicians and poets in his performances.

The Purgatory Song
Auld Lang Syne

Phoenix Keffer

Phoenix is a poet/songwriter. One of the members of the former Foolish Mortals band, this stylish, quixotic artist has also produced her own solo show of poetry, songs and performance art, with themes ranging from true love to alien abduction.

Laura Lea (The Rainmaker)


Foolish Mortals

No longer performing, the Foolish Mortals were the Yellow House's favorite house band in their day. The Foolish Mortals were: Dana Leake, bass; Chad Lockard, vocals; Phoenix Keffer, vocals; Casey Just, drums; Mike Rohrer, guitar, and Brad Smith, guitar, keyboards, vocals.

I Am Coming Home
God Bless America


John MulliganJohn Mulligan

John organized the Yellow House's first “theme show” benefit evening, Blues Night, back in 1995. John says, “The Yellow House was great for me. It gave me the impetus to develop a style and tell stories of blues history.” He is currently living in London, Ontario.

You’re A Liar
Gettin’ Some


Sunday Punch
The band formerly known as Sunday Punch
Tof Hoglen, keyboard, vocals; Thom Hoglen, bass; Chance Bone, guitar and vocals; Lennon Bone, guitar and drums.

 Moment in Motion
                          Two O’clock

Tof Hoglen has recorded four solo CDs featuring his original compositions. Listen to a clip from his CD Coffee With Harry.

 The Doctor Song


A sweet song from the band formerly known as Coyote. Harmonies so beautiful they can make you cry.
 Lover's Farewell

Marideth Sisco, lead vocal; Lynn Martinson and Margi Roberts, harmony vocals.  Lynn on lead guitar; Margi on rhythm guitar.

Marideth Sisco

Marideth always charms the crowd with a mix of tunes ranging from old time country to torch songs.
 Frankie & Johnny   Recorded Live

Ryan FloresRyan Flores

Urban folk gypsy music from a dynamic poet/singer/songwriter with a unique voice. Ryan's music is a synthesis of finger-style folk, Spanish classical, and rock ‘n’ roll. Listen to two songs from his first album, the RidgeHouse Recordings.
Web: ryanfloresmusic.com

  This Silence       Spelling Out Our Names

Renee WoodRenee Wood is a multi-talented artist playing many instruments and many genres. Listen to a traditional Irish tune from her Earth and Water album, with Don Buedel.

 Mich’s Hands
Buy the CD: Renee's E-Biz

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All songs are either original compositions or traditional material in the public domain.
Original compositions are copyrighted by the artists.

Musicians: If you would like to have your music clips here, contact us for information on audio formats, or send us links to clips already online. We include links back to your own web sites.

The Yellow House Community Arts Center, 209 W. Cleveland, PO Box 21, West Plains, Missouri 65775
The Yellow House is a project of Ozarks Resource Center, a not-for-profit organization
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